Spirit Realms

Like our material universe, the Spirit World is infinite in its vastness and every werewolf is born with the instinctive ability to explore both. Shapechangers are creatures of spirit as much as they are flesh.


As part of his preparation for the his Rites of Passage, a werewolf will learn to step sideways , the ability which lets them move wholly into the Spirit Worlds. Stepping sideways is almost always done through a mirrored surface. The closest Realm to the material is the Penumbra, a spirit reflection of the material world. Werewolves may also travel further to the Near Umbra and even to the nightmare phantasms of the Deep Umbra, if they have the skill and will to do so.

The Penumbra is separated from the world of flesh by a barrier called the Gauntlet. It is the Gauntlet that werewolves cross to enter the Penumbra. Within the Penumbra one can find small pocket dimensions called Domains: they correspond to places both in the material world and the Near Umbra.

Sometimes a werewolf can cross to the Near Umbra from a particular Domain, but typically a werewolf moves to the Near Umbra from a moon bridge, which is a gateway that originates from werewolf Caerns in the real world. The Near Umbra lies beyond the Penumbra and is a swirling etherium that holds innumerable smaller, drifting Realms. There are thirteen major Near Realms that surround the earth in the Near Umbra, each with its own unique internal logic.


Very little is known of the Deep Umbra, as there seems to be little consistency in the tales of the travelers who survived their journeys there. It is separated from the Near Umbra by the Membrane, a nearly impossible to penetrate barrier.

Of course, The Spirit Realm is teeming with spirits that reflect the areas they inhabit. It is here that werewolves may find the Pack Totem that will guide and inspire them.

Spirit Realms

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