After a short and brutally violent conflict, the werewolves have lost Chicago and the White City Cairn. The elders and athro have left for literally greener pastures, the fostern sent back to their cairns. Some cliath have hidden in the urban wasteland of Gary, hoping to cling to the shreds of lost pride through vengeance against the weak vampires that dwell there. Most of these cliath are packless, supernatural refugees with no homeland, just the burgeoning hatred in their hearts.

The werewolves had won Chicago. For once, the vampires had not been tipped off about the siege before it began and they were taken by surprise at the werewolves adaption to modern urban and guerilla warfare. But, even as the Wyrm-tainted blood threatened to overflow the Windy City’s centenarian sewage and drainage system, the offensive began to stall out. Individual packs still brought back tales of victory, but no new ground was gained; the vampires, their filthy city already lost, should have fled or walked out into the morning.

The reversal came less than a month after the first werewolf celebrations of victory. The children of the moon had already begun cleaning up the city and dismantling its vampire led and Wyrm infested institutions. Without warning and without explanation, the war alphas ceded power to a council of elders. The council went into seclusion and in one hour re-emerged and declared Chicago lost to all werewolves. The exodus began immediately; no questions were answered.


  • The war alpha’s secession and the council’s meeting were obviously perfunctory.
  • One, or maybe more, packs of Glasswalkers disappeared, fled, gave up, or were destroyed before the concessions took place. The Chicago Glasswalker tribes were vital to the Werewolves’ strategy and tactics.
  • It is disheartening, but not surprising, that the werewolves had to pull out. Vampires are masters of Machiavellian politics and Byzantine maneuvering.

The Exodus Grounds


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