Cockroach is the totem spirit of the Longshadow pack, represented by the cockroach avatar RoFL.
Rage: 1
Willpower: 3
Gnosis: 7

Background Cost: 6 Spent: 9

Benefit: Subtract 2 from all difficulties involving computers, electricity, and applied science. Roll Gnosis (6) to perceive data streams in the Umbra.

Rofl may speak to her pack without the aid of the Gift Spirit Speech.
Rofl can always find the members of her pack.

Pack Benefit: Add 3 dice to any roll to activate a Gift that affects technology, only usable by one Longshadow at a time.

Ban: The pack members must remain mostly anonymous and live off the grid. False credit cards, fake I.D.’s, burner phones, and anonymous bank accounts through shell corporations are acceptable and encouraged.


  • Airt Sense – natural sense of direction. Can create or find spirit tracks
  • Re-form – Travel through the Umbra to her home domain. It takes 1 turn to re-form and a successful Gnosis roll.


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