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I’m certain Officer Davis and McNamera shot the 6 bodies (Lincoln Continental) and scrubbed the scene. I found a single round in the skull of body number 4. I’ve also found a correlation between the bullet holes in the cement on the street (where the crash occurred) and the ballistic wounds to the heads of the victims. If I was concerned about the law I would steal their guns to match the ballistics of the bullet I recovered from body number four. Fortunately I’m not interested in the law right now.


Something rotten in…
I’ve lived in Chicago all my life. I was born here, I grew up here, and with the things I deal with you better believe I’m gonna die here. It was a good day when finally pried the town from the walking dead. Things were looking up and in the blink of an eye the elders cut the cord on us and sent the whole lot packing. Well not me. This is my city.

The whole thing smelled fishy from the git. Even if I wasn’t packing this nose of mine I could smell it. It stinks of wyrm. Not a chance this is on the level. I fear the worst. The Vamps have always out flanked us, pulled the wool over our eyes. But there’s more to this then just smarts. Only way you can pull this kind of move is to get to somebody. To have a guy on the inside. And if they get to one of us, they could get to any of us. Gonna have to play this one close to the chest.

I’ve spent years building connections in the city. Its how I do my job. The walls have ears. Every bum, every street urchin, prostitute, and peddler has a stake in this battle. And they’ve been singing. All signs point to the vamps. They’re up to something big. And now that they think we’ve been run out of town with our tail between our legs, lick’n our wounds in some piss hole like Gary they’ve come out to play. Well not all of us left, not this guy. Not now not ever. I’m gonna find what they’re up to. I’m gonna expose the truth and when I do those blood sucking bastards better find a deep dark cave to hide in, cause anyone left standing in my town is getting dragging into the light. Auspice: Ragabash

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Martin Keller

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