Bogdan Ahiga

Good guy.


Wendigo Tribe Ahroun warrior.
Right now I volunteer at Methodist Hospital. I am a licensed nurse. (reallly combat medic training..but it’s pretty close).


I learned rituals from my mother when I was young outside of Cluj Napoca. But when I turn teenager my mather she don’t want me growing up in the country. She made some arrangements and soon I trained with military class special forces at age 13 to become bodyguard for crazy president: Pachenko. We all know what happened there. Our association means that Romania could not stay our home no longer. So we go find my father in San Carlos Arizona and there I find out many truths. For one thing the rituals I learned as a child are no Gypsy tricks: they have real power and meaning!
Growing up in Transylvania means I know a few things about the Vampire agents of the Wyrm so when my father went north to be part of a major push against their territory I was rightfully anxious…when I received word of his disappearance I experienced my first change it was full moon that night…it left an imprint because now I change every full moon…but in my war form I could feel the essence of my brothers and sisters calling me and they all called from the north where my father’s last battleground lies…I go now to find my pack.

Bogdan Ahiga

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