Blackwater Wilderness


mysteries and questions

I got the card of this Garou lawyer from my cousin down south and he tell me that guy knows Chicago so good. So as soon as I get a couple of days off I go there. Nobody at the office but after waiting around couple of days finally he came by to pick up his mail.
I told him I got to find my father or at least get some proof of his glorious death: not too many people respect him for his prowess because he choose the Bear to guide him so a bit of an outsider even with his own reclusive people (Probably why he jumped at de chance to fight way up north when the Elder call came for help).
So Martin Keller (that’s good name it’s like German for killer) he doesn’t have a pack and I can feel the spirits moving about our connection..I’m thinking this guy is one of the pack mates I visioned about in the desert.
Anyways he agreed to make some discreet inquiries but finds nothing easy. We discuss things and conclude that we will ask the spirits for help on this one to see if we can cut to the chase as they say but we must collect the only physical connection I have to him: the binoculars my dad gave me on my 10 birthday. So it’s back to my den. The train ride is tense because Martin is tense but he does not explain and that makes me tense. We finally get to my den I grab the binocs and we go out to a quiet area to step sideways and search for the spirits…but as we began to focus and the colors of the world were fading something strange happened: light.jpg
some kind of form appeared, unsummoned, maybe 50 feet away and was blathering in a strange tongue: not Romanesh, not Apache, and definitely not English! My hackles rose and I prepared for battle but first I to call it out and challenged it to face me! In battle intentions are always clear! But it gestured in some way that did not seem even recognition of the challenge! Then it was gone and I stood there alone feeling a little foolish…maybe this was an opportunity not for glorious battle but to see a deeper mystery and I missed it. I looked around and I think Martin went to the Umbra with out me gaddammit! Another thing I missed in my lust for battle! I go to the cafe and counsel with my pack…