Blackwater Wilderness


They are common and hardy insects, and can tolerate a wide range of environments from arctic cold to tropical heat. Some species have an elaborate social structure involving common shelter, social dependence, information transfer and kin recognition

In the absence of any real opposition, Booker West has been declared pack alpha. Determined to survive in an urban wasteland, the new pack took to the Spirit Realms in order to find a Totem guide, but their quest was interrupted by the taint of the Wyrm seeping into a nearby neighborhood.

Two pack members were severely wounded by a Bane, a spirit creature of corruption.

  • Normally Werewolves heal Bashing and Lethal damage at the rate of 1/turn.
  • In physically stressful situations, werewolves must make a Reflexive Stamina (8) test to heal Lethal damage that turn.
  • Aggravated damage cuts through to the supernatural essence of a creature, weakening its soul. Although werewolves may Soak Aggravated damage, they are unable to employ their supernatural healing against it. They heal Aggravated damage like a mortal heals Lethal.
  • Silver causes Aggravated damage to werewolves and it is unsoakable.

Booker and Travis Weiss searched for the quintessential substance of cockroach, but so far have been unable to glean insight into the Totem.