Pack Tactics

Like their wolf cousins, werewolf packs work together to take down prey. Each pack knows one maneuver for each point of Gnosis possessed by the pack mate with the lowest Gnosis rating. When this number increases, the pack may spend some time training together and they learn a new maneuver. Gnosis represents the spiritual connection between werewolves in the pack and this mystical tie allows them to work together with uncanny precision.

The maneuvers listed below are new actions that a pack can take in combat when they are fighting a common enemy together, as long as the maneuver is known.

  • Fur Gnarl
    • Dex + Brawl: 7
    • Packmates: 2+
    • Usable Forms: Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, Lupus
  • Harrying
    • Dex + Athletics: 5
    • Packmates: 4+
    • Usable Forms: Hispo, Lupus
  • Savage
    • Sweep Dex + Brawl/Melee: 8 or Tackle Dex + Athletics: 6
    • Packmates: 3+
    • Usable Forms: Any


Pack Tactics

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