By tradition and legend, the Auspice of werewolves are determined by the phase of the moon during their births. As the cub ages into adulthood, the proclivities and duties of his Auspice will be made clear, so common wisdom has it. More modern and progressive werewolves believe that it is more likely that the individual werewolves choose their Auspices. It is possible to change the Auspice through a difficult Ritual, so there is likely truth to this.

Ahroun The Full Moon. If all werewolves are warriors, then the Ahroun are front line special forces shock troops. Since they are often the best combatants in the pack, Ahroun tend to lead, especially in packs of young werewolves, but few Ahroun live long enough to become elders. Ahroun start with the most Rage.


Galliard The Gibbous Moon. There are very few histories of werewolves and even fewer written by werewolves themselves. Instead, cubs learn of their history through an oral tradition that begins and ends with the storytelling abilities of the Galliard. Most Gibbous Moons are musicians and singers as well, but all of them are passionate and emotional.


Philodox The Half Moon. Philodox are typically as cool and level-headed as the Galliard is ardent, or at least they strive to be, as they are the mediators and judges of the lycanthropes. A culture as warlike as the werewolves needs wise men and women to guide it, or it would torn apart by simmering hatreds, perceived injustices, and pent up rage. A verdict levied by a Philodox is often as feared as an Ahroun’s claws.

Theurge The Crescent Moon. Werewolves has a strong connection to the secret spirit worlds that lie beyond the ken of humans and none more so than the Theurge. They are mystics, masters of Rituals, seers, and invokers of spirits. Their closeness to spirits and other worlds can make them seem detached, but their skills are absolutely necessary.

Ragabash The New Moon. The Ragabash are rebels and devil’s advocates paired with the incisive wit of a stand-up comedian. They are unafraid to voice unpopular opinions in the most humorously sarcastic manner that they can muster, even to a bloodstained Ahroun in Crinos form. They are often tricksters and rogues, usually with a lesson behind their pranks, but the Ragabash have the gift of flexibility. It is up to them to find the road less taken, to use lateral thinking to defeat an enemy, and to come up with solutions that escape the hidebound traditionalism of other werewolves. Ragabash start with the least Rage.


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