Valerian Hydrae



Can teach Aura of Confidence


The Wyrm is shadow, rot in a fallen tree, snakes in the grass. It seeps into every crevice, preys on the weak and the foolish. It is said that none truly are ever safe from the Wyrm. Save for one – Valerian Hydrae. The brave Valerian Hydrae had humble beginnings, but we need not concern ourselves with that here, for it is his deeds late in life that we honor today.
He was kinfolk, but he made the Shadow Lords of Cairn Krakula proud. When the Grakch pack was savagely ambushed by the Vampyr, and every surviving member confined to the Krankhaus for weeks, Valerian Hydrae took it upon himself to protect the Cairn until the pack recovered. Taking in hand the Wawel Fang, a legendary weapon of the Shadow Lords, he ventured forth on his black steed and spent endless days and nights patrolling the snowy forests.
Every night the Wyrm would make its presence known, but Valerian Hydrae would stand tall on his steed, Wawel Fang held high, the full moon reflecting back at the Vampyr, and he would bid them return to their nests of corruption and cause no harm this night. Not once did the Vampyr approach Valerian, nor did his steed tremble, and there was peace in the land. On the last night of his watch, the Vampyr leader approached Valerian, and told him they had never seen so stalwart or so noble a foe, and they trembled before his blade, and they wept at their own corrupt souls. And Valerian showed the Vampyr pity, and with a swift stroke of Wawel Fang he cleaved the head from the shoulder’s of the creature. The rest of the wyrm folk fled at this terrible sight, but Valerian knew they had seen the mercy in his action, for to live the life of the wyrm is to live in perpetual agony.
Valerian returned to the Cairn and laid down his arms, knowing his watch was over. When the pack leader woke in the morning, his wounds now mended, he found the still, lifeless body of Valerian Hydrae. Their sentinel had completed his task, and his spirit willingly left the body, ever watchful to return should the Shadow Lords need his wisdom or his valor.

Valerian Hydrae

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