Appears as roughly the size of a small bonfire.

Can teach Master of Fire,


Flame is used to being blamed for destruction, and is often thought of as an avatar of destruction, a cousin of war. But that is narrow thinking, as though one believed only birds touched the sky. What of clouds and rain, sun and smoke?
I am the spirit of far more than destruction. I am patience and persistence when meat is roasted for a whole day. I am hope and survival in the darkest hours of winter. I am skill and preparation in the middle of a downpour. I strike at opportunity, I am the most unforgiving teacher when a mistake is made.

But do not also be tempted to make the mistake that fire is cruel – or compassionate. Fire is one of the original spirits – elemental in power, scope, and temperament. Fire can never be fully controlled, only appeased for a time. It will always return. But those who take the time to stare into the flames can understand how to appease fire, how to stoke its flames and how to extinguish it. Fire can become an ally, if you learn to speak its language.


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